April 14, 2020
COVID-19 How to address a humanitarian crisis of children in detention in Latin America
Adolescents do not perceive freedom in the same way that we do, which is why in the face of a pandemic like COVID-19, we have…
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February 17, 2020
SEDEGES forms community network for adolescents with criminal responsibility
(SEDEGES/GDLP) The Departmental Service of Social Management, through its orientation center for adolescents with criminal responsibility and in coordination with CVCS Bolivia, carried out the…
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January 29, 2020
MNP and Tutator Foundation gather forces together to promote human rights and torture prevention
The National Mechanism for Torture prevention (MNP) and Tutator Foundation signed an agreement of interinstitutional action with the goal of promoting human rights full force…
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November 12, 2019
Public Defense seeks to facilitate control and creation of information through a project with Tutator Organization
In order to facilitate the control of the information with which the public defense is working, the General Directorate of Academic and Cooperation for Development…
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