January 23, 2023
Technology and Human Rights: A concept under permanent construction 
    In a previous article we took a closer look at technology and its potential to contribute to the realization of human rights. Now,…
By Adrian Piejko Patiño
Executive Director of Tutator Foundation Bolivia
November 8, 2022
Information Technology is a Service – And that’s Great News!
The old days, those of the famous “MS Office box” I am sure most of you still remember when we used to go to a…
By Gilles & Marie Concordel
Tutator Founders
September 10, 2021
Let’s talk Sustainability
The Latest Fad? Or is there more to it than meets the eye? Sustainability has become one of the most used words when referring to…
By Gilles & Marie Concordel
Tutator Founders
May 19, 2021
A sampling of what Information Technology could bring to your organization
When you close your eyes and dream-up a perfect setting for your institution to offer its services, a number of things may come to your…
By Gilles and Marie Concordel
Tutator Founders