President of the Commission on Children and Adolescents receives Swiss foundation representatives

April 11, 2019

President of the Commission on Children and Adolescents

On Thursday afternoon, 11, Emilson Pereira (Podemos), a councilman and president of the Commission for Children and Adolescents of the City of Goiânia, received representatives of the Tutator Foundation, a Swiss entity that uses technologies to reintegrate young people in conflict with legislation. He had the participation of state representative Vinicius Cirqueira and representatives of organizations that have projects in this area.

The foundation has an agenda of visits to entities that support young people, children and adolescents. It carries out work with satisfactory results in Latin American countries and presented some of the experiences of Honduras and Bolivia on Juvenile Criminal Justice and Persons Deprived of Freedom. Technological tools were presented that can serve as a model for Brazil.

The objective of the entity is to use technologies to integrate social services around the world, having a specific treatment for each need, generating a positive impact on lives. These are self-sustaining projects, where there is a guarantee of social data protection and security. Documented and well-defined processes are needed for the successful implementation of the software, which can be used in different contexts.


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