Start of a Cooperation: Wake up Café and Tutator

January 1, 2022

After a few intense months of work and learning, we are happy to present the first winner of Tutator Forward 2021: Wake up Café – WKF.

With the aim of assisting with their digital transformation outstanding organizations dedicated to promoting a social or environmental cause, Fondation Tutator launched “Tutator Forward”: an in-kind grant program for Information and Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D) projects. After evaluating more than 300 proposals from organizations around the world, the first winner of Tutator Forward 2021 was selected: Wake  up Café.

Wake up café team

Wake up Café (WKF) is a French organization created in 2014, which accompanies people deprived of liberty, as well as people recently released from prison, that aspire to fully reinsert themselves in society. It offers comprehensive rehabilitation pathways, individual and collective support inside and outside, and a community of mutual help, which is a key pillar in the fight against recidivism and isolation. Since its creation, more than 1,500 people have participated in WKF’s activities and among them, 550 have benefited from accompaniment in their reintegration process.

Un grupo de personas sentadas alrededor de una mesa

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On November 23, 2021, Gilles Concordel, president of Fondation Tutator and Marie Concordel, co-founder, traveled to Paris to sign the institutional support agreement with the CEO of Wake up Café, Clotilde Gilbert. The very same day, various activities started around the specification and development of a software tool that will contribute to the monitoring and support that WKF provides to people who are or were deprived of liberty and thus support the impact of the organization. 

At Tutator we are excited about the results that this coordination will bring and we are convinced that it will help to improve the lives of many people. 


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