Process Analysis and Development

We work on projects that range from a small organization which needs to implement a case management system for their beneficiaries to large government organizations who need a custom solution to handle large and complex projects. All of these projects start with an analysis of what processes need to be implemented: how well are they defined, documented, are they up to date, do they meet the organization's and international standards.

Engagement process

Our engagement process starts with working with our client to help them define all these processes, analyze what exists and, if needed refine it and create what is missing/needed.
The Software is based on a norm. The system to be developed should:
  • Be consistent with the norm
  • Ensure that the norm is applied
  • Protect data privacy
  • Ensure data security


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step 3
step 4
The first step in the process is to collect the requirements and this process consists of these tasks:

Analysis of the norms and all the other relevant documents

Interviewing the various actors in the system

Organizing workshops to collectively validate requirements
We analyze the norms and other relevant documents to extract the list of institutions and their relationships, the various actors in the system and the processes that need to be modeled and implemented. We build a list of all the entities (institutions) and how they relate to each other.


Once we have gathered all the requirements we document everything into the Product Requirement Document (PRD). This is a key document because is describes the system Tutator needs to model and implement.

This document will be reviewed and approved by the client before Tutator moves to the next stage of the development process.

Based on the requirements a design model is developed and then the system is built. This cycle is repeated through an incremental cycle until the final product is achieved
The final product must be consistent with the norm
It is also important to emphasize that quality testing is performed during all the development process and a user acceptance test is performed at the end
Tutator’s expertise in Human Rights and software development puts us in a unique position to develop this type of system

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