February 6, 2018
Strategies for dealing with adolescent violence and crime
The prevention strategies are identified as fundamental to face and reduce the rates of violence and the commission of crimes in adolescents and young people,…
September 20, 2017
Training course on manuals for specialized action in the criminal justice system for adolescents
The Training Unit of the State School for Judges, in coordination with TUTATOR Foundation, is informing the Presidents of the nine Departmental Courts of Justice…
April 9, 2017
Server delivery to host the penal system module for adolescents software.
Written by the communication Area La Paz, April 9th (MJyTI).- Result of inter institutional cooperation agreements, the Ministry of Justice and Institutional Transparency, received today…
March 14, 2017
Council of the magistracy of Tarija holds training session on criminal justice for adolescents
In recent days, the District Representation of the MagistrateĀ“s Council in Tarija, through the Management Policy Unit and in coordination with the Tarija Ombudsman's Office,…