Technology Solutions and Development

We base our development process on AGILE methodology. Development is organized around “Sprints” that last around 3 weeks each. At the end of each Sprint a partial but functional product module is completed which may be released to the client. This process facilitates adaptability to changes and early client feedback.

Tutator solutions have key functionalities built-in and are highly customizable for each project
Modular design with plug-and-play modules allow quick configuration / personalization
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Easy customization

Most of the software systems you use are complex and can not be easily adapted to your needs

Our platform is highly customizable. Just check the awesome features we have!

Customizable Theme and skins

We customize your design according to your institutional image, with logos, fonts, colors, letters, etc

Rapid application development

Our platform has a number of important features ready for customization and deployment, that drastically reduce development time. What would take months to be developed we can do it in weeks

Easy edition of catalogues and parametric data

All parametric data used throughout the application such as lists, options, dropdowns, etc. Can be easily modified, without the need to ask for help from a support team

Robust integration

Your platform is too old and you don’t have the posibility to integrate ir with modern services?

Our platform adapts to different systems and services with the purpose of improving the functionalities and the user experience.

Data management

You don’t have a deep understanding of your information. Every document or report is messy and difficult to read

Our platform gives you the tools you need to analyze data. You are able to process and share your data quickly with an easy-to-use interface and custom reports

Integrated Reports

With our custom report generator we can build custom reports such as lists and statistical graphs as required and each report is only accessible to the people with the right permissions based on your data protection policies

Dashboard with customizable widgets

The Dashboard is ready to use and create customized widgets that allow each user to identify their daily work in a comprehensive manner and at a glance

Automatic document generation

The Platform allows the generation of official documents with dynamic data, documents that can also be digitally signed and that are ready to be printed and sent, saving valuable time in daily tasks


With our built-in security features we can deliver applications that meet your security requirements in your environment.

Achieve more-secure applications, compliant environments and safer systems development with corporation and repeatable processes.


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