abril 11, 2019
President of the Commission on Children and Adolescents receives Swiss foundation representatives
On Thursday afternoon, 11, Emilson Pereira (Podemos), a councilman and president of the Commission for Children and Adolescents of the City of Goiânia, received representatives…
fevereiro 28, 2019
Prison Information System presented
The Head Director of the Penitentiary System, Jorge López, presented on Tuesday the Penitentiary Information System (Sipenbol), which aims to modernize the registry of persons…
abril 16, 2018
Data system applied to prevent violence to minors
  The Swiss Tutator Foundation and the Ministry of Justice are implementing the Child and Adolescent Information System (SINNA), which will work on a centralised…
abril 16, 2018
Tutator Swiss Foundation and The Ministry of Justice implement a data system to prevent violence in underages
Tutator Swiss Foundation and the Ministry of Justice implement the children’s and adolescents’ information system (SINNA) that will work in a central registration of case…

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