novembro 12, 2019
Public Defense seeks to facilitate control and creation of information through a project with Tutator Organization
In order to facilitate the control of the information with which the public defense is working, the General Directorate of Academic and Cooperation for Development…
outubro 7, 2019
Prosecutors trained to replicate content in restorative juvenile justice
The State Prosecutor's Office, through the Directorate of the Specialized Prosecutor's Office for Juvenile Criminal Justice and Environmental Crimes in coordination with the School of…
junho 7, 2019
Brazil, Bolivia and Nicaragua hold ‘Justice for Adolescents’ web conference
In search of better experiences to improve the Goiás socio-educational system, the Secretariat of Social Development of Goiás (Seds) - in partnership with the Institute…
abril 17, 2019
President of the Commission for Children and Adolescents of Alego (CCA/Alego) attended a hearing with representatives of Swiss foundation
The meeting discussed the use of technology in the socio-educational system The parliamentarians received a visit from representatives of the Tutator Foundation, a Swiss entity…

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