Leverage technology to radically improve how social services are delivered throughout the world.

Our main focus is on how technology can be used to radically improve various social services such as justice, protection, immigration etc. Our initial focus has been on Juvenile Justice in Nicaragua, where the juvenile justice system in the whole country now runs on our platform.

We advocate the re-humanization of social services by designing automation tools that will turn the beneficiary back into a person, instead of being just a number and a statistic:

  • Allow the actors of the social services to do their job not only efficiently but also well: that is, be able to customize services for each and every beneficiary within the framework of ever-more-complex rules and guidelines, and
  • Offer transparency, traceability and full accountability at every level. Whenever appropriate, the beneficiaries themselves can gain access to their own file.

Gilles & Marie Concordel

President - Treasurer

Gilles is the President and Marie the Treasurer of the Tutator Foundation. In addition to managing the foundation, they leverage their knowledge and their experience with several organizations, helping them enhance their impact on the ground (Terre des hommes, CARE, Human Rights Watch…).

After a career in science and technology, they travelled with their children for six years, visiting humanitarian and development projects to improve their understanding of the developing world while studying and promoting the work accomplished there by NGOs. Today, they still visit projects on a regular basis.


Denis Concordel

Executive Director

Denis is the Executive Director of the Fondation Tutator and is responsible for its day to day operations. In addition of traveling the world looking for new projects where the foundation could apply its expertise, he manages the Tutator development team located in La Paz, Bolivia.

Prior to joining the Fondation Tutator, Denis built and managed product development teams for high technology companies in Silicon Valley.

lucie concordel

Lucie Concordel


Lucie is currently studying an Interdisciplinary masters in Children's rights at the University of Geneva. She gained experience in the development world through multiple internships and volunteer opportunities in different NGOs (Tdh, ISS, HRW, Geneva Red Cross, Tutator) and through her involvement in the Juvenile Justice project in Nicaragua.


Rafael Villegas

Chief Technology Officer

Rafael is the CTO for the Fondation Tutator. Rafael's responsibilities include management of the foundation product development effort, as well as technical support and IT.

Prior to joining the Fondation Tutator, Rafael worked for various companies developing and implementing computer solutions. He holds a Masters in “Management of computer systems” and a Specializing in “IT for the internet”. He lives in La Paz with his family, and is always looking to learn and apply new technologies.

Terre des hommes

Terre des hommes Foundation is a signifiant force among children’s aid organisations in Switzerland and throughout the world.

It is the largest non-governmental organisation (NGO) for children’s aid in Switzerland. Tdh has development projects and emergency relief programmes in more than 30 countries.


WISE is specialised in high impact philanthropy. They partner with philanthropists and advise them on their causes, helping them to optimize their philanthropy. From the streamlining of foundations to the delivery of projects in the field, everything WISE does is structured to enable philanthropy to go further and deliver the greatest impact, where it really matters.


Renapsi has been helping young people in Brazil for over 20 years, fighting the three main structural problems they face in today’s Brazil: school dropout, unemployment and violence.

In order to break this circle, Renapsi develops Apprenticeship, drug prevention and treatment programs and professional training for youths.

International Detention Coalition

The International Detention Coalition (IDC) is a unique global network, of over 300 civil society organisations and individuals in more than 70 countries, that advocate for, research and provide direct services to refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants affected by immigration detention. The IDC envisions a world without unnecessary immigration detention.

Ignacio Packer

Secretary General of the Terre des Hommes International Federation, a breadth of experience in the humanitarian field on all continents

Jean Zermatten

Former Director of the International Institute for the Rights of the Child and vice-chair of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child

Atilio Alvarez

Public Defender for minors and mentally deficient people in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Professor of law at the Catholic University of Argentina