We all agree that good governance goes along with transparency, don't we?

Indeed, good governments aren't afraid to share what they are doing and knowing that they are scrutinized motivates other governments to take the right actions!

Human Rights Watch (www.hrw.org) took the initiative of developing and making available a web site called Votes Count that gives you access to the positions taken by each Member State of the UN Human Rights Council on every resolution (Full disclosure: Marie and Gilles are advisors to the HRW Children's Rights Division).

This will give you a means of assessing how your government deals with these important issues so as to be able to take action (as in: vote, advocacy, etc.) if or when appropriate!

We strongly encourage you to take advantage of this great new tool, query whatever topic is of interest for you and discover what position was taken by which country on every resolution related to this topic.

Congratulations HRW, great work!